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English Courses for Everyone

Join SkillBus to master English, regardless of your age or background.

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Tailor-made Courses for Kids

Through Kiddiebus, we provide starter, basic and even advanced courses for your little champ.

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Special Courses for Adults

Whether you want to learn the basics or master English, our courses can help you.

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 What is SkillBus ?

Skillbus is an e-learning platform that aims to promote a better understanding of English for kids as well as adults. Our goal is to make English accessible to people from all walks of life, regardless of background or former education.


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 Who is SkillBus for ?

Skillbus caters to learners of all ages, and backgrounds. The platform intends to help Malayalees who grew up with limited exposure to English overcome their fear of the language. At Skillbus, we are dedicated to pushing people to be their most confident selves in English. Whether you’re a parent looking to improve on English to keep up with your kids, a business tycoon who needs to master English for work, or just someone who wants to polish their language, we’ve got your back.

How does SkillBus help you?


Every day, one word is provided to you together with its meaning, Malayalam translation, pronunciation, phonetics, and usage examples.


Weekly interactive sessions in which students are given opportunities to speak freely in English. This boosts confidence to overcome stage fright.


Students can opt for individual training and receive one-on-one classes from the instructors and learn in their comfort space.


The quality of the study materials and our trainers’ consistent efforts ensure that students gain a better understanding of the English language.



Additional engaging activities are incorporated into the lessons to motivate students and help them express themselves in English.


Our evaluation and practical learning ensure that every student receives the best experience and stays on top of everything that is being taught.


Skillbus Courses


This course is designed for people who have little to no grasp of English. As the name suggests, the course material gives a start to mastery of the English language and helps you build your bases soundly.


This course is designed for learners with an intermediate understanding of English. The course takes learners’ English skills to the next level and brings an extra shine of confidence to perform extraordinarily. 


The advanced English course is specifically organised for students who have a command over the language. This pro course improves your ability to overcome obstacles caused by fear and lack of confidence.


KiddieBus Courses


For those teeny tiny tots who are just starting to learn English from the beginning! This course covers everything from alphabets, phonic sounds, reading & writing, to sentence making and more.


For the quick little learners who know English, but want to refine their skills! This course takes children through many fun learning activities that eliminate stage fright and build confidence in the language. 



This course is for the not-so-little geniuses who need an extra push! This action-packed course covers nouns, tenses, prepositions, possessive adjectives & pronouns, and much more with fun activities like interviews, hot seat, kids’ radio, and role-playing, 

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 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the duration of the course?

30 sessions

2. Class timings?


3. Is it live or recoreded?

We provide live sessions.We do provide recorded sessions also along with live   classes

4. Medium of class?


5. How do you categorize kids?

We conduct level tests of each child individually and categorize according to their language ability.

6. Do you provide materials?

Yes we do provide both dialy notes and voice podcast.

7. Duration of class?

60 minutes each session

8. Trainers qualification?

Most of our trainers hold masters degree and experience in teaching kids

9. Do parents have to sit with the kids?

No we train them to be independent learner.

10. Do you provide individual sessions?

yes we have both group(8 students) and individual sessions(1 on 1)sessions available

11. What are the procedures to apply for a course?

First of all, you can get our contact number from the website or Social Medium. Our Academic Counsellor will then explain you the course details.

12. When will the classes start?

Classes will commence on or before 7 working days from the date of admission